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Friday, April 13, 2018

Pregnancy, Back from Break, Changes!

18 weeks with Baby number two! A much bigger bump than I had in my first pregnancy at 18 weeks :)

Hooray! I'm pregnant with baby #2! As expected, we couldn't be happier. Some of you already guessed it, and a few of you probably heard by following my personal Instagram account. I'm writing this blog post to officially update my readers on the exciting news, as well as let you know about some of the changes coming to this blog, my life, and where I've been the past few months! I've had to reduce my work output, in order to increase my rest time. I've let go of the "zero-waste" label for myself, and I've started making space in our life and home for the new little one to come. Read on for the details!

One super obvious change that pregnancy has dealt me, is lower energy levels; to a point where I needed to let go of some activities and make time for rest. Hence, why you haven't heard from me in a while. Along with more rest comes contemplation and realizations. While reading comments on my my recent Instagram post, other people's IG's,  and listening to some "zero-waste" YouTubers, I've come to realize that the term "zero-waste" may actually be hurting our cause. I've decided to drop the term from anything used to describe myself or my goals. (Read about it here)

From now on, I'm going to try harder to stay away from labels like "zero-waste," "crunchy," "free-range," etc. Labels have a way of boxing us in and making us feel like we have to do, be, look, and act a certain way, or else we won't be able to carry that label anymore. And let me tell you, this letting go is freeing. I have worked very hard at reducing my family's waste output, but ever since removing the label for myself, I've found a new freshness, a forgiveness of my own, and acceptance of my mistakes and shortcomings. From now on, the only labels I'm concerned with adhering to are Christian, Wife, and Mother. This type of energy is really necessary for me at the moment. I'm pregnant, I chase a toddler around all day, I'm tired, and I'm completely and utterly flawed. So if you're like me in any of those ways, and this is something you struggle with, I encourage you to continue trying your best to help the planet, but also treat yourself more kindly. Realize that we don't live in a circular economy, and try to be ok with not being perfect.

Another new change I've encountered lately is "baby brain," or "pregnancy brain." It is a very real thing, I've realized. Forgetfulness, zombie stares, and a general mental fog have hit me a lot harder during this pregnancy than they did with my first. This may be due to the fact that I am now caring for a toddler while pregnant, but who knows. Anyways, I've made some major adjustments to my routine that seem to be helping; I go to bed earlier and try to sleep a little later when possible. I save any sugary snacks for later in the day, to avoid excessive afternoon crashes. And I have made a huge effort to cut back on my media exposure, as you may have noticed. A reduction in over-stimulation of all kinds has had a profound effect on my ability to sleep well, and function properly, and I am loving it!

However, while I've enjoyed this break from social media activity and blog writing, I've missed it. I enjoy my scrolls through Instagram and YouTube to keep up with what everyone else is doing, but I also enjoy participating. It's a fun, creative outlet, and a really easy way to make friends who have the same interests as I do. So I am back, but with more limits on myself. I took my time to re-charge, to spend extra time with my family, and to rejuvenate my routines and weekly schedules.

I've edited my cleaning habits to allow for more rest, without sacrificing any amount of cleanliness in  my home. All of this has taken energy, focus, fresh ideas, creativity, and patience. I'm a go-girl. I really like to do things and get jobs done. I have a hard time resting when I know there are things to be done, and one of my biggest problems in life has always been that I am really good at burning myself out. So in my first 12 weeks of pregnancy, I quickly learned that morning sickness, fatigue, and a high-energy toddler are very unforgiving. They couldn't care less about my desires to keep the house tidy AND rest when I needed to. So I made changes.

What you can expect from this blog in the near future:
Upcoming changes look like more gardening, growing lots of yummy vegetables, and flowers for the bees. I'll be going to our farmer's market on Saturdays, and hopefully do more canning this year. We'll see how that goes, considering I'll be about 8-9 months pregnant during peak canning season. I've got a few home projects to work on, like moving our office desk into our bedroom, and turning our office/TV room into the new baby's nursery until we buy a new house (hopefully this year!) So some DIY's may also come from that. I'm planning to write more about our family life, my pregnancy, and share tips for simplifying and slowing down, living on a budget, staying organized and clutter-free, meal planning, and just general ideas for ways to keep life easy and manageable in this crazy world.

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Thanks for reading and have a great day!


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